Does Nutella cause cancer or not as spread is banned after study

Does Nutella cause cancer or not as spread is banned after study

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The Nutella causes cancer claim has forced their makers to come out fighting and disputing the claim.The main point of contention is the palm oil in the product which is said to feed the killer disease.As soon as the study revealed the claim,the domino effect proceeded as they were banned in some places and off many shelves in the UK.There were also reports of it being discontinued.
Obviously,all of these has not made the makers happy and they have come out with something to say about it.

Palm oil is said to more likely contain carcinogenic agents compared to other vegetable oils.
Ferrero say switching ingredients would result in an inferior spread which wouldn't be as smooth.But my question is, if this can really leas to the killer disease,which is more important,not taste as good and save lives or taste so good and kill?
The report for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) came out last May.
It said palm oil contains particularly high levels of contaminants, when heated about 200 degrees Celcius.
However, it stopped short of telling people to stop eating the oil, insisting more research was needed.
But that didn't stop Italy's biggest supermarket chain, Co-op, from stopping selling the spread, along with many other products.
Nutella Cancer
The Nutella and cancer news,hit fans hard.Palm oil is found in hundreds of foods and products - from peanut butter to noodles to soap and detergents.
But the spread's been getting all the publicity because it's such a famous brand.
And when sales started to dip after it was removed,the makers, Ferrero, put out TV and newspaper adverts, insisting its product was safe.
Now Ferrero has released another statement, in defence of the oil, which gives the spread its smoothness.

There's also the small matter of cost.
Reuters estimates switching to other vegetable oils could cost up to £18m a year.I personally feel excuses like these are crazy and stupid.The paramount thing should be establishing whether the findings or study is true,does it cause cancer or not?Not the costs or how good it tastes without palm oil.

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