Pretty Mike arrested:Reactions of Nigerians to girls in dog chains saga

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Who is pretty Mike and why was he arrested?Well,you must have been underground if you don't know the answers.He is a self style Lagos big boy who owns the niteclub,Club Uno.He shot into mega limelight last weekend when photos of him taking girls to wedding on dog chains went viral.Since then there has been outcry by Nigerians calling for him to be brought to book.
Well,they finally got their wish when the Lagos state governor Akinwunmi Ambode allegedly ordered his arrest.
I don't believe the governor did though,i think he has people who will make that decision rather than
him.But then again,maybe he did.Who knows?

Anyway,Mike was arrested and made to eat humble pie when he signed an undertaking he posted online ,apologizing and promising never to dehumanize any citizen as such again.
So what are the reactions of Nigerians following this?
Most were happy and said the girls should have been arrested as well.While some said he didn't force them and they were paid.But most were happy with the decision.
Here are some further reactions below...

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