How Stunner Zimbabwe rapper was caught cheating on wife and latest update

How Stunner Zimbabwe rapper was caught cheating on wife and latest update

All the headlines screamed Stunner cheats on wife,but the story now has many crazy angles.Can you believe she has now apologised saying she was wrong and her man did not cheat on her?Read all the crazy updates below...
Olinda Chapel could not take no more of her husband's philandering and decided to go on social media and expose him in a 13 minute video.Visibly emotional,Olinda in tears went on to say how people have warned her many times about her husband,calling him and ass and how she should have left him ages ago if she had listened to the advise from people.
She then went on to talk about how she works seven days a week and finance her man's
extravagant life style only for him to cheat on her with girls as young as 18 and 19 years old!
"I'm disappointed in this man" she concluded.

But then came more to the drama.A US based girl who claimed to be the reason why Stunner's wife went crazy on social media has reportedly flown into Zimbabwe.The girl named Dion Chasa was shocked when she touched down in the country seeing that she was on some news headlines.She then wrote an open letter to Olinda saying Stunner cheated on her as well with another woman.

Looks like our guy has been really busy in the sack.Fans ridiculed the rapper,mocking him at the revelations that it was his wife who bought his cars and even payed for the school fees of their daughter.

In the video below, the 'Mainini' rapper posted an apology via Snapchat, apologising to his wife on their matrimonial bed.He is now said to be trying to cash in on the drama by releasing a song today called "letting you go"

See the full video of Olinda exposing her husband below...

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