The Luxurious corrupt life of Equatorial Guinea president son Nguema Mbasogo?

The Luxurious corrupt life of Equatorial Guinea president son Nguema Mbasogo?

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Many controversies have surrounded the life of Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue,the vice president of Equatorial Guinea and crazily also the son of the President.We all know and have seen pictures of the ostentatious lifestyle as well as luxurious cars that can feed his citizens who are starving.

Teodoro who was made the VP and security chief by his father, the President is on trial in Paris for living lavishly off public funds of his country.

The 47-year-old son of Africa’s longest serving dictator displays his life of luxury on his Instagram account using the hashtag #LuxuryLiving.Now isn't that the biggest cheek ever?

Imagine that?I really cannot understand African leaders.Most of them are a bloody disgrace and at times it makes you wonder if we really deserve the independence to rule ourselves.If there is a guarantee that we will not be put through the disgusting inhumane torture that took place in South Africa,i will gladly agree to still be under the colonial masters.

How a vice president of a country can go on social media and share photos of himself with semi-naked women, skiing, scuba-diving, driving super cars, motor bikes, submersibles and speed boats, holidaying in various exotic spots, dressed in expensive outfits and accessories is beyond me.This is total disregard and a blatant slap in the face of his people who struggle with 3 square meals a day and live in poverty.

Comments on his lavish posts reveal the fury felt by some of his countrymen.  One post of Obiang riding one of three £44,000 futuristic 'Tron' bikes parked in his drive, led to someone asking in a comment: 

'You put up photos, showing us everything you have. The people of your country have nothing. Doesn't that weigh on your conscience a bit?'
“You're spending money on silly things and here I am unable to afford even bread.' Another poster said.

In the trial which is going on in his absence, prosecutors accuse him of syphoning as much as $115m through a bogus tax imposed on wood sales. He is also alleged to have bought up to 15 cars totalling $6m and fine art worth $24m at the sale of Yves Saint Laurent's private collection.

Two years ago Obiang reached a deal with the US authorities to hand over some of his $70m assets there including a Malibu mansion, a Ferrari and a collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia – though he was allowed to keep his private jet and a crystal-encrusted glove Michael Jackson wore on his ‘Bad’ tour.  

His lawyers insist that he earned his money legally in his country and that he should be allowed to enjoy diplomatic immunity, but records show otherwise. The official salary of the president's son, even as he is the vice president, is less than $100,000 and doesn’t match his lifestyle.

It has been alleged by William Bourdon, a campaigning lawyer representing Transparency International in the case, that he has been using all possible legal tools to invalidate the trial.

More photos of his lifestyle below;

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