The disgusting Pretty Mike using dog chains on girls publicly video!

Have you seen the Pretty Mike videos of him using dog chains on girls at weddings and public outings?The owner of Nigerian night club, club Uno, has generated so much controversy among Nigerians who are disgusted at his behaviour!
This is the same guy who if you rememeber was in the news as Bobrisky's boyfriend or Bobrisky's bae.He denied this,but for every action,their is a reason.Maybe he is doing this just to prove how verile he is with the women.
I mean,i can understand him doing this privately with his girl friends,boyfriends or who ever he chooses to date.But doing this publicly in my opinion is very demeaning to women and maybe its time the authorities look into this by making it illegal publicly.
I have 2 daughters and i certainly will not like to see them with dog chains being dragged by a
perverted man publicly like Pretty Mike.

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Twitter as you can imagine has been awash with exchanges and 99% of them are totally against this move.Both men and women.When you get a reaction like that,it convinces you that the said action generating this debate must be a No Go area!

See some of the posts on twitter and also see the controversial video below...

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