Kim Burrell Homophobic stance sees her banned from Ellen DeGeneres show

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At first it was the Kim Burrell Frank Ocean controversy after the mother of the gay singer called for Kim's part in the Godspeed song with her her son to be cut out,stating she cannot stand blatant homophobia.Now talk show hostess Ellen DeGeneres,has banned the female gospel singer and preacher from her show after fans called for the ban.They had reacted to a sermon by Burrell on the 30th of December where she called gays perverted.She was quoted as saying:“That perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women. You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s p*nis in your face ― you are perverted,”
Burrell says in the clip. “You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s breast, you are perverted.”

She was due on Ellen's show with singer Pharrell Williams,but that has now been cancelled.Pharrell himself had commented that “There is no room in this world for any kind of prejudice.” 
Funny thing is she is speaking out against homosexuals and condemning them,but she was ready to go on Ellen's show to promote her song knowing it was one of the biggest mediums in the world to get publicity for her song.Now ,how big an hypocrite is that?
Frank Ocean and his mother Katonya Breaux.

Ellen DeGeneres has said Kim Burrell will not appear on her show after the gospel singer made 
In a video published after the sermon, Burrell said she made "no excuses or apologies" for her comments.
"I love you and God loves you but God hates the sin in you and me," she added.

"I never said all gays were going to hell. I never said 'LGBT'... I said 'SIN'," the singer said.
"To every person who is dealing with the homosexual spirit, that has it, I love you and God loves you but God hates the sin in you and me. Anything that is against the nature of God."
She added "enemies" had posted only a portion of her original speech.

I have always said religion is the most divisive thing on this planet.People are so judgemental and so holier than though,yet they will claim that they are thought not to judge,but judging they very much do.Is there a single human being in this world who can say he upholds laws in both holy books daily?So if no,why would you slate another man who equally sins as you do?

The whole thing makes me sick!

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