The diletta leotta leaked photos that rocked Italy

Diletta Leotta is an Italian sports presenter with more than a million Instagram followers.
The Sky sports presenter in Italy Diletta Leotta who had her nude pictured hacked and then leaked has come out fighting against the perpetrators,saying she has nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about.She said the pictures had been taken a long time ago and they were not particularly sexy.She admitted to having sent them to one or two people in the past,but thought she had deleted them as they were years old.She was however shocked to learn that she had been hacked and leaked.Reacting,the Sky presenter said:Leotta said: “My phone would not stop ringing with calls, messages, WhatsApp.
“I didn’t cry at first. I found strength I didn’t even know I had. But after three days, yes, I succumbed.

“Those photos maybe I sent to someone, perhaps a couple of them. I hadn’t seen the pictures for years.
She also said a lot of them were fake as only a handful of them were actually the genuine items.
What i don't understand though is why these celebrities keep on with their nude pictures in their i cloud accounts.How many warnings do they need to do away with this?How many celebrities has to be hacked before you know its only a matter of time before they get to you?

A word of encouragement came from another Italian superstar in the form of Mario Balotelli who posted that anybody was free to do what they like with their body.Absolutely true,but that does not mean you should leave yourself vulnerable.I believe leaving pictures on your phones or i cloud accounts in this day and age is leaving yourself vulnerable.
Diletta Leotta insisted that some of the pictures were fake, and denied claims that releasing the pictures was part of a publicity stunt

Diletta is the latest,but you can believe they will not be the last.These people don't learn.Its like some of them are begging to be leaked with their careless approach.

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