Listen to Ikechukwu diss Sarah Ofili and Terry Tha Rapman

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This is the tape that caused the Ikechukwu,Sarah Ofili and Terry Tha Rapman beef.The couple's break up was three years ago,but fresh wounds have been opened with a new beef featuring Terry and his sister Joy Madaki.The trio plus one have all been involved on a mega fight on instagram.
So what is the genesis of the beef?Well apparently,Terry who is family friends with Sarah,who was engaged to the American returnee and DMX look alike,had an affair.Ikechukwu while appearing on a Loose talk podcast,revealed all this and also accused Terry of being a back stabber for smiling in his face but behind his back,he was messing with his girl.
All these revelations pissed off Sarah along with Joy and Terry and they came for the wind am well singer heavily on instagram.
It got so bad that Miss Ofili threatened her ex fiance not to come anywhere near the Mainland in Lagos or Benin,oh not forgetting the Naija Delta as well.
Check out some of the tweets exchanged in the fight below.

Now you can listen to the podcast tape where the revelations were made.The whole tape was very interesting and engrossing as the man known as Kilz talks about how Don Jazzy produces and all the fun they had back in the days,he also talks about his friendship with Darey,Mode 9 and how he did not like Ruggedman when he first met him.He reveals how moody Don Jazzy gets in the morning and does not wake up till noon,when he then comes out of his room in a pink robe,lol.It is very entertaining stuff,but if you haven't got that patience and wants to go straight to the part he talks about his ex girl friend and fiancee,skip to the 2 hour 17mins mark,thats where it starts.Happy listening.


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