Who are the top 10 kings and queens of Naija comedy?

Who are the top 10 kings and queens of Naija comedy?

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Naija comedy has become so much part of our lives ,that you cannot imagine an event without our funny men being present to put the icing on the cake.Also our funny men in Nigeria are now finally seeing the fruits of their labour multiply as they live like kings and get enormous rewards for making people laugh so much and forget their sorrows.So who are the top men in the game?Who are Nigeria's best comedians?Here we take a look at what is widely regarded as the top 10,but not necessarily in the order in which they are featured here.

1-Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere, better known as Ali Baba, is probably the most respected of the country's funny men.The stand up comedian is credited as being the man who paved the way for his peers to start gaining respect and earning money in the business.His move to erect billboard advertising his trade in the affluent part of the country,namely Lagos Island helped in making this a reality.He has seen gone from strength to strength and remains on the top of his game and the list as he has been for many years.

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2-Basketmouth,real name Bright Okpocha,is another household name that spreads beyond the shores of Nigeria and even Africa.The 38 year old funny man has been at the top of his game and constantly travels out of the country to make people laugh.Basketmouth is married with children.

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3-Francis Agoda, popularly known as I Go Dye or I Go Die, has organized several international comedy shows, such as "Igodye Standing.He is well loved and respected in Nigeria.He is also one of the richest with a mind boggling net worth that runs into millions.The 37 year old started from very humble beginnings but is not at the very top of his game.

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AY Comedy.

4-Ayo Makun better known as AY THE COMEDIAN is a man who has taken his game way past the stand up route.He is now responsible for some big theatre movies that have been embraced all over the world.The movies 30 days in Atlanta and A trip to Jamaica and some of the blockbusters that has the funny man laughing all the way to the bank!
Ayo hails from Ifon, Ose local government in Ondo State but prefers to be known as a 'Warri boy'.

He is also a multi-award winning Nigerian actor, comedian, radio and T.V presenter, actor, writer, director and MC.

5- Bovi also known as Abovi Ugboma, is another top Nigerian stand up guy.Well,he is more than that actually,cos he has also found his way into films and tv shows. He is also a director, producer, actor, and writer from Delta State, Nigeria. He has organized popular stand-up concerts like Bovi Man on Fire across the globe.Like his friend Basketmouth,tragedy visited both men when they lost their mother's in 2016.Even funny men go through sad times and tears.Let's hope they find laughter again in their personal lives real soon.
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6-Nkem Owoh who made the film Osuofia in London a blockbuster all over the world is an old school funny man.Some of you might think his time is gone,but not so.Nkem Owoh dead is one of the many times the funny man has been in the news.This particular headlines was when he was kidnapped and feared dead.But only when you truly become a superstar does a rumour of your death spread like wild fire.Especially in Naija.It seems to be one of the many unwritten rules.Nkem is a Nollywood superstar and many people rent or watch movies simply because this man's name is on the credit list.Now that is mega!

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Mr Ibu in London Nigerian comedy

7-Mr Ibu is one nutter.The man cracks me up.You only have to look at him and you fall over in hysterics.Mr Ibu in London is one of his many classics,but it's hard to place a finger on what makes this man such a funny man.His movies are hilarious and though you can say he is not s stand up comedian as such,he is still one of the funniest men on the planet.Can you imagine Nollywood without him?

8-No 8 is a tie between Emanuella Samuels and Aki and Paw Paw .Lets start with the two funny men.They are one of the reasons a lot of Africans and Caribbean people watch Nollywood movies.The boy men are so funny that they are termed the Laurel and Hardy,Tom and Jerry of African funny moments and movies.
The great thing is these men have been at the top of their game for over 10 years and look like going nowhere still.They are not as visible as they were once,maybe that is as a result of them getting older and not being able to play the mischievous young boys as much.But these men are so talented that they still make you laugh whatever character they play.Osita Iheme is known for playing the role of 'Pawpaw' while his side kick, Chinedu Ikedieze plays Aki.

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Now it's Emanuella Samuel's turn.Where did this little 7 year old girl come from?She came out of the bolt and captured the hearts of millions! This girl is funny as hell.She stormed to the top with the funny skit,This is not my real face o.Since thenshe has had millions of hits on Youtube from people who can't get enough of her funny moments.
For such a young girl to be so believable and convincing is amazing.Emanuella has a great future and now the money is starting to roll in.
Already she has been recognised and honored by Youtube for her many hits and subscriptions to their site.
If you are feeling down or bored,just type in this young girls name on youtube and i promise in a few minutes ,it will all be washed away with uncontrollable laughter!

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9-Funke Akindele stormed to the top of the charts when she found fame playing Jenifa.The film was one of those surreal moment that a whole country jumps on a band wagon.Before then,Funke had simply been known for parts in Yoruba movies.But the Jenifa film did what Ace did for musician Sir Shina Peters by breaking all barriers and crossing over!

She has since gone on to more success with films such as Jenifa in London and the tv series Jenifa's diary.
Funke has also been unlucky in love as she had a very public divorce from her short first marriage.But she seems to have found her soul mate in JJC Skillz.The two lovebirds got married in 2016 and are going from strength to strength.
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Funke Akindele with husband JJC Skillz.

10-Odunlade Adekola is not specifically a comdedian.But you will have to walk very far to find a man funnier than Odun.This man is hilarious,he makes you laugh effortlessly.He is the modern Baba Suwe.But unlike Baba Suwe,he does not need to paint his face or dress like a fool to get you cracking up,this man is just naturally funny.The 38 year old native of Abeokuta predominantly appears in Yoruba movies,but such is his fine art and acting that he is now beginning to cross over into the big screen by appearing in theatre movies and also being assigned English speaking roles.
He is an actor who can play so many roles yet makes it so believable.It is a credit to him to say this man can easily make a living as a funny man.

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Some of his funny movies credits are Saamu Alajo which goes as far as 4 parts,Solo,Elulu and Mr Loverboy.
So there you have it folks,10 top funny personalities in the Nigeria entertainment industry.Who would you add to this list or who do you think does not deserve to be here?

Wale Morads for Queen Olofofo blog.

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