The worst and most disgusting Yoruba man and woman fight ever!

The fight between these two Yoruba's in diaspora,Olusegun Adigun and Bukky Ajayi is the worst you can ever come across.The only way to describe it is, absolutely disgusting!I cannot believe two people can spew so much hate over nothing.The man Olusegun in this case is worse.To wish someone else's child to die over nothing is frightening.
There was the Abike and Jibike Basira Olaribigbe fight,but trust me,in terms of the hate,this is 100 times worse!I was in silence when i heard the tape,too shocked to say a word.
Why do Yoruba's keep disgracing and embarrassing their selves like this?Cos i cannot remember a time when Igbos,Hausas or Deltans have brought so much ridicule onto themselves publicly as the
Yorubas have done lately.How many times have we heard and seen videos of Nigerians fighting in London in particular?And if you go check ,each time it is Yorubas.As a Yoruba person,i am highly embarrassed about this fact.

Anyways,like they say,Oro po ninu iwe kobo,the contents in the book that costs only a penny is enormous..listen to the audio tapes,and be shocked!

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