Robin Thicke wife Paula Patton exposes his abuse and cheating

Robin Thicke wife Paula Patton exposes his abuse and cheating

robin thicke wife talks about abuse and infidelity

I did always wonder why Robin Thicke wife,Paula Patton refused to go back to him,despite him publicly begging her and professing his undying love.This was a man who was adored by millions of women.Rich handsome,famous,talented,and also at that moment he was at the height of his popularity,thanks to the catchy hit song,Blurred Lines.But after reading her revelations here,it all makes sense.It would have taken something extra ordinary for a woman to be willing to leave all that behind.CHEATING AND CONSTANT PHYSICAL ABUSE.

We put these celebrities on a pedestal because of their persona and image they portray.Especially musicians who sing love songs or actors who play romantic roles.But not
all that glitters is gold,these lot are not often what they make out to be.People Magazine summarized the revelations of the pained beauty and it is something.

Throughout her declaration, the actress details episodes of infidelity, including a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway in 2013 at Chateau Marmont. Per the documents, after they “made love,” Patton fell asleep and “later learned that after I had fallen asleep, he had attempted to have sex with some girl in the second bedroom … 
Robin Thicke repeatedly acknowledged that he was drunk and high when promoting Blurred Lines
When I confronted him about this, he admitted to attempting to have sex with the stranger, but stated that he ended up being unable to do so because of the amount of cocaine that he used that evening had caused him to be unable to perform … Julian was in another room with our nanny at the time.”
That same year, Thicke’s T..I and Pharrell collaboration “Blurred Lines” became the biggest hit of his career, and he hit the road to promote his album.
According to the court filing, “When he returned from the tour, he came home and told me that he had unprotected sex with seven other women. He then informed me that [a tabloid] had found out about this and that they were going to expose him. In exchange for better treatment, he offered them an exclusive interview. He wanted me to hear about the unprotected sex from him as opposed to reading it in the tabloids. I immediately had myself tested for sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS given his representation that his having sex with other women was unprotected.”
Later that year, after the MTV VMAs, Paula alleges in her declaration: “After the taping of the awards show, I went to our room only to find my husband in bed with two naked women. I left the hotel, wandered the streets of New York and called my brother crying.”

The Blurred lines singer's wife says she suffered repeated domestic abuse.
Patton’s declaration is full of allegations that Thicke physically and verbally abused her, including around their son’s third birthday birthday in April 2013, her declaration alleges that, while Thicke was receiving a massage at their home, she “observed him to have inappropriate contact with the masseuse. I told Robin that I was upset, and that his conduct was not cool. I left the room and went to another bedroom and locked the door … He became so enraged that I had interrupted his ‘massage’ that he broke down the locked door.” Shortly after, she alleges, “Robin became physically violent with me. He pushed me down and kicked me.”
Three months later, in 2013 at the Cannes Film Festival, Patton alleges in her declaration that “we began fighting.He hit me with a closed fist to my upper body and then pushed me onto the ground. I left the room and walked the streets of Cannes. I called my husband's father and his best friend, Craig, to see if they could offer any of of intervention and/or salvaging the relationship.”
The court documents also detail an alleged incident in February of 2014, when, “I was in Vancouver filming a movie entitled Warcraft. Robin and Julian came to stay with me for the weekend.He told me that as part of my Valentine’s gift, he was going to wake up with Julian that day (which was an extraordinarily unusual action for him to take), so that I could sleep in. When Julian woke up that morning, the nanny brought him into our room. I asked him whether he was going to get up and watch our son, and Robin lost control. In front of our nanny and in front of Julian, he jumped out of bed naked, screaming. Julian was upset and frightened by this unexpected rage (as was I).”
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