Why Victoria Beckham is suing Spice girls over songs!

Why Victoria Beckham is suing Spice girls over songs!

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Posh Spice net worth of £250m,hasn't stopped herfrom suing her ex Spice girl band members,Emma Bunton,Gerri Halliwell Horner and Mel B,in a bid to stop them using the back catologue of hit songs of the world famous group!

I read this,but i am still in total shock.Why is it always the less talented ones who make the loudest noise?What right both morally and talent wise does Victoria have to do this to her friends?
According to sources,she is proud of her history with the girl group that had massive success all over the world with hits like,Wannabe,Mama,Viva forever,Goodbye,Say you'll be there and who do you think you are,  but wants to cut all links with the group which transformed her life.

The girls were gonna get together this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary.They have tried many
times to get her to tour and she has flatly refused.Understandably since she couldn't sing or dance anyway while she was in the band.But it was okay then cos she had nothing to lose.Now she is mega famous,known all over the world and has a successful business and fashion empire.So i can understand her not wanting to make a fool of herself.
But why stop those with talent and passion for the music who want to carry on?
Who gave you the holier than thou mantle to protect the songs and legacy of the band?You know more than the other three?I think she is just selfish and self centred.She cannot do it,and wants nobody else to do it as well.She can't perform and sing and does not want the others to do what they enjoy,just in case they get successful without her.So sad really.

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Now,all this is not official,so i am gonna protect myself and add those legal term allegedly here.She is alleged to be taking legal action against the group,i am writing this based on that assumption.If it turns out that this move is not true on her path,i take it all back.I HAVE NO LEGAL FEES DUDES.😋😋😋

A source told The Sun newspaper that the girls are devastated.And understandably so.
Last year, the fashion designer said she preferred if the trio sang their own material.
Speaking to Claudia Winkleman, she shared: “I do think they should sing their own material though, because what we did was so special. If they sang our old songs I think I might be a bit sad.”

According to her,allegedly again,It's believed she was concerned that they were mixing Spice Girls hits with fresh material that didn't compare to the classic hits.

So much for girl power and sisters for ever,when it comes down to it,people are just out to please and look out for themselves.The wife of football superstar David Beckham,has found fame,job satisfaction and riches beyond her wildest dream.It would have been nice to let her ex mates have some of theirs as well.
Having said that,its not as if they are all short of a bob or two.The fashion mogul net worth is reported to be £250m!Oh my lordy! Gerri Halliwell has £35m,Emma Bunton £25m,Melanie C £27m and Mel B scary spice is worth £27m!
Not bad for a days job eh?

My favourite jam of the girls below,Who do you think you are?Dedicated to you know who...😜😜😜

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