Yamma Buddha dead:Why Nepal rapper hanged himself in London

Yamma Buddha dead:Why Nepal rapper hanged himself in London

Yamma Buddha death news has set the new year off on the terrible note that 2016 ended on with celebrities.What makes such a young man hang himself in his London home with his wife Asmita Adhikari and family in the same house?Very sad,i feel so bad for his family,cos they have a much more heavier cross to carry than the rapper who took his own life.
I cannot begin to think of the horrors and nightmare of being in a house where a loved one has killed himself.
What makes it all so sad the more, is the fact that Yamma was said to have returned from work that day as normal,had a meal with his family,went to bed,then got up later to hang himself in the bathroom with his trouser belt on the 14 of January.
According to a family source, Adhikari went to bed along with his wife, around 12 am after
having dinner. Later, at around 3 am, he went to the bathroom. It was only at around 6am when another person staying with them wanted to use the bathroom found it locked and after opening the doors using another set of spare keys found Adhikari hanging on the towel hanger of the bathroom.Imagine what that poor person has to live with for the rest of his life.
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I know this might not be the right thing to say,but i can't help but think the rapper should have thought of a better way to do this than put his family through this.

His cause of death according to sources was said to be depression.Sources say he was depressed because his career had not been going well,but that in itself is weird because he was in the middle of recording an album that was almost complete.He was at the top of his game in 2012 and since then its been a decline.But many artists have been through worse and got back to the top.He was only 30 for Pete's sake!Really sad.
His mother and sister are currently residing in Australia.

The 30 year old with real name, Anil Adhikari, was a popular Nepali rapper .Some of his well known hit songs include,Sathi, Aama, Yo Prasanga, Antya Ko Suruwat,Mero Juttama, Saathi, Aaudaichu Ma, Footpath mero ghar, Yo prasanga, Didi, Antya ko Suruwat, Nachana,

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