Flora Nwapa biography and books.

Flora Nwapa; the phenomenal woman

Who is Flora Nwapa?A few biography facts will give us an insight of this amazing Nigerian writer. She was on January 13, 1931,Oguta, Nigeria.Her style of writing has been known to recreate and celebrate life and customs of the igbo people,mostly seen from a woman's perspective.
Her primary and secondary school education started in Ogula,Port Harcourt and the then Nigerian capital,Lagos respectively.She then attended the University of Ibadan between
1953 to 57.She then left the shores of Nigeria to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland,where she obtained a diploma in education.
Her return to the country saw her work as a teacher and administrator in Nigeria from 1959 until the Biafran civil war erupted in 1967. After the war she was commissioner for health and social welfare in East Central state before she formed Tana Press/Flora Nwapa Company to publish African books.

The first book the novelist wrote was Efuru in 1966. It is based on an old folktale of a woman chosen by the gods. Another of her books Idu in 1970 is based on a woman whose life is bound up with that of her husband to such an extent that when he dies she seeks him out in the land of the dead. In This Is Lagos, and Other Stories (1971) and the later novels One Is Enough (1981) and Women Are Different (1986).She continued her compassionate portrayal of women in modern Nigerian society. The novel Never Again (1975) and Wives at War, and Other Stories (1980) deal with the Biafran conflict. Her sole volume of poetry is Cassava Song and Rice Song (1986).
A Google Doodle dedicated to the celebration Flora Nwapa's 86th posthumous birthday. Nwapa was born on  January 13, 1931. She died on October 16, 1993. PHOTO: GOOGLE

Flora Nwapa sadly died on the 16th of October 1993 in Enugu at the age of 62.She was honoured by Google on what would have been her 86th birthday with a doodle.

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