Harrysong beef with Kcee and E Money sees him locked up for fraud!

Harrysong beef with Kcee and E Money sees him locked up for fraud!

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The Harrysong and five star music fight is getting really ridiculous now.Only in Nigeria can a man be arrested simply cos of a contract dispute.Shouldn't that be a case for the courts?Latest news now tells us that the Reggae Blues singer has been rearrested and spent the night along with his manager in a police cell.If this is true,it is indeed ridiculous.Having said that,the news coming through is that he is alleged to have signed the label owner E Money's signature to go collect some money.So now,they are saying he is being charged with fraud and impersonation.
I really don't think he will be that daft to do such a thing,but if he did,he can have no complaints
about being locked up or charged to court.

The Harrysong and Kcee beef started like play like play.Now its a full blown war.I think he has not handled the matter properly,if he wanted to leave the label,there are ways he could have gone about it.Also,coming out to blast your ex label mates and chairman doesn't look too good.Saying Kcee has no talent and knows nothing about music ,in my opinion was classless.
You are grown up men,you should not bicker like women.To be fair,5star music did not really get involved in the public name calling.They have instead resorted to using their bigmanism,hahahaha,arresting their foe at will.

Harry says he was the one who saved Kcee's career and that he came on bended knees to beg him to help save his career.He then went on to write big songs for the Limpopo crooner.Among the songs were,Okpekete,Baby pull over and the massive Limpopo.
The label on their own path denied begging him and said it was him who came to them begging to help him get out of his Question Mark deal as far back as 2008.
They finally got him out of the deal in 2014,but not until they had payed a N5m compensation to Question Mark records.
They then signed him on for 3 years,in those 3 years he was meant to produce 3 studio albums,if he didn't,then they had the option of extending the deal or terminating him.
Now the 3 years is up and the singer song writer wants to leave,but the problem is he has only giving them one album.

This could really have been done amicably and sadly,it has ended really messy,and i think things are gonna get worse,this beef ain't over by a long way.
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