Liz Anjorin instagram stop jealous grammar with her dogs

liz anjorin stop jealous

Liz Anjorin instagram post where she was seen and heard telling her dog "pretty stop it,Pretty stop jealous" has got Nigerians laughing hysterically and inspiring all sorts of comments.The incident happened when two dogs were seen barking at each other while the actress was trying to call them to order.
Trying to stop them she barked out the order,Pretty stop jealous.At worst,it was a slip of tongue,but Nigerians and social media are so cruel that they will not allow anything go.
The actress herself should have seen this coming,she should not have posted it.But i guess she loved it so much that she overlooked her grammatical error thinking people will not notice.Well,sorry Liz,Nigerians always notice.
See the video below.

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