Nigerian woman dies refusing blood transfusion because religion

Peace Euodia who died because her religion as jehovah witness forbids her to receive blood transfusion

Another Nigerian woman had died at childbirth due to refusing blood transfusion because her religion being a Jehovah's witness forbids it.
Some of her friends have taken to social media to mourn her. One of them, Ossai Ovie Success wrote;
Peace Euodia pictured above, died of excess bleeding during child delivery,
because her church, Jehovah Witness Church does not permit her to accept blood transfusion. Why will Jehovah Witness church not allow her to receive blood from someone because of church tradition.
Rest in PEACE EUDIA. COMBINED SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASS OF 2011 UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA has lost a rare gem. We will mourn your death together with your family. Adieu.

Nigeria woman dies for refusing blood transfusion during child birth.

This really upsets me every time this happens.I cannot understand where such a stupid belief comes from.Innocent young ladies being brainwashed by hypocrites and making them lose their lives unnecessarily.Very sad.One of the reasons why i have no time for religion.It's all about trying to control peoples mind and silly holier than thou ideas.
Those who preach an enforce this belief,are they going to tell me they have never gone to the hospital?Or taken medication?I am sure they will be the first ones to run to the hospital from the slightest ailment.But they control and brainwash their followers and refuse them taking blood transfusion because of some ethical or religious crap.
May her soul rest in peace.But will she be the last one?You can bet your bottom dollar that she won't be.

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