Why Chris Martin George Michael brit tribute 2017 was not a good idea

Why Chris Martin George Michael brit tribute 2017 was not a good idea

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The Chris Martin George Michael Brits tribute at the 2017 event,where the Coldplay singer sang the classic a different corner,made popular by the dead Wham singer,was a fitting honor to the late singer.
Ex band mate Andrew Ridgely and backing singers Pepsi and Shirlie also turned up to remember their friend.
As a big George Michael fan,it was a really touching experience.It also showed how talented he was because although it was for a good cause,Chris was no way new the vocal excellence of the dead singer.It was a below par performance,but like i said ,it is for a good cause.
In truth,the Coldplay frontman should have done a song of his,you don't mess with a song by the
great man,except you can really sing,especially a song like that.

It was particularly nice to see Andrew Ridgeley who had been out of public focus for many years again.He gave a touching speeh and you could see he was in pain talking about his childhood friend.
Part of his speech said:"On Christmas Day 2016, the greatest singer-songwriter of his generation, an icon of his era, and my beloved friend, was lost," .

He also spoke about how they met in 1975 and how they shared a sense of music and humour.
An emotional Shirley with Pepsi and Andrew Ridgely at George's brit tribute.

We love you and i love you Yog,and we are all gonna miss you terribly.I haven't been able to play a single Wham song or any song of his since his death,but maybe tomorrow,i might just go and do that.
The Brits award 2017 along with the Grammies who had a tribute by Adele,have done their bit to remember a great artist.Someone who touched many lives with his kindness and his music.

You were flawless,even when you were kissing a fool and promised never to dance again cos your guilty feet has got no rythm.You gave us fast love,maybe cos you knew you had to go go real soon.
You were amazing and took us outside,you were too funky when you turned a different corner.You were like Jesus to a child,with all that happened to you in your private life,you still had faith.We were all praying for time,but it never came,it was time for the young gun to bow out.
You took us to the edge of heaven like a love machine.See you in club tropicana mate and say hi to all the star people,give a wham give a bam but don't give a damn!

From your back in the day fan..Harry B,i'm your man!

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