Tonto Dikeh and husband marriage crashes-he gave her STD,beat her and fake gifts

Tonto Dikeh and husband marriage crashes-he gave her STD,beat her and fake gifts

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As Tonto Dikeh marriage crashes,nobody should feel an ounce of pity for her.Sadly she help create the monster which eventually led to the crises that ended the marriage.But did she have to reveal publicly that he gave her STD's?I guess Toke Makinwa said so,so she has to out do her,it's like a game for these celebrities.Her husband Oladunni Olakunle Churchill became a celebrity through his association with the actress.Now various allegation of his cheating now fills all the blogs and entertainment news in the country.

So how did she bring this all on herself?Well,today Friday 24th of February 2017,the diva confessed on social media that all the blings and gifts she flaunted on social media were actually not bought for her by her husband.
So all along she was living a lie.Now,i don't know if this is true or this is just a woman scorned speaking.Afterall,we have all seen the Tonto Dikeh husband cheats headlines,and we all know that hell knows no fury like a woman scorned.

So it could be she is lying about this and it could be very well true.
I don't know.But what i know is that she has been courting the public and playing games with her relationship.Why?
Why do all these celebrities now adays feel they have to reveal everything about their private life?It is called private for a reason.
Now the actress is singing like a bird and revealing so many secrets.And she says this is nothing,she is only just starting.Among the things she revealed today is that her husband beats her up and cheats constantly!

Now,if this is true,she could have shared this with friends and family,if she needs to at all.Why reveal this to 1.5million people?Beause that is the amount of people that follows her on social media.

This is what she posted below...

A fan asked...

She replied...
Tonto Dikeh and husband marriage crashes

And then she went even further by liking a post by someone who called her husband Churchill a scam and a fraud...

tonto dikeh divorce

The whole thing is a mess really.If it is true that this man really beats her up so bad like she said,when did this start?Only one year ago,she was singing his praises to the high heavens...Remember Tonto's wedding was only 17 months ago.
In October 2016,she took to her instagram page to praise and pray for her husband when he bought her a new car, talking about how deeply she loved him, saying he had changed her life for the better. But just four months later (see right), she's talking about her marriage being based on lies, deceit, scam, filled with pain and she had to treat so many STDs given to her by her husband?Looks like a great script for a Nollywood blockbuster!

While replying one of her followers who asked her not to allow people laugh at her over her failed marriage, the Nollywood actress disclosed that her marriage to Olakunle Oladunni Churchill was based on gross lies/deceit, scam and many more darkness. She also said she treated so many STDs
"@best1stguy My love they can laugh,As long as I didn't come out in a body bag.Am ok,No one knows how many STDs I have treated or pain I know in marriage..If laughter is all they have then the karma that bite me awaits them all..Tnx for your love ❤️ Yes no marriage is perfect but mine was based on gross lies/deceit, scam & many more Darkness.. I loved the man no one begged me to,I take all the blame!"she wrote

This is just a lesson to young ladies out there.If you are bought by a man,he will treat you like a bought commodity,which means he can replace you whenever he choses to,or treat you anyway he seems fit,cos as far as he is concerned,you are an item he payed for,and we all know that when you buy something,you do as you please with it.

For almost 2 years,all the actress did was show off gifts and try to tell the world how perfect her world and husband was,Tonto took to instagram to show off a lot of expensive gifts she claimed her husband gave to her, praising him to high waters. Among the gifts was a bold canary yellow ring, a Toyota Prado SUV, a diamond studded chopard necklace and wristwatch which was her push gift, iPhone 7 rose gold, and a Lexus LX 570 SUV...

Now  she tells us it was all fake,it is not what she told us it was...She claims to have built a monster and made him famous.But she also claims not to blame nobody cos nobody forced her to marry him.
Hear her:

"Because I posted stuffs saying my ex husband bought for me doesn't make it true.. I used my platform to lie to make him the man he is don't come at me with the bullshit of enjoying this mans money..I have not started talking, I have not started talking, I will bare it all but there is time for everything. I care now for the system because I am no longer naive, I'm a mother, who wants to live long for my child.. I am not a saint and cheating isn't the only reason I took the forever walk."

"He is many things but not he isn't gay. That was a lie from the devil. I was scammed myself. All I did was try to use my platform to bring someone up from where he was. Someone I loved. It is my nature. Unfortunately I picked the wrong one."

Here are some of the gifts she shared when the going was supposedly good...

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