dr allwell orji:Why he jumped off 3rd Mainland bridge in suicide

dr allwell orji:Why he jumped off 3rd Mainland bridge in suicide

The death of Dr Allwell Orji of Mount Sanai hospital Lagos over the weekend left a lot of Nigerian with sadness in their hearts.
Reports are now emerging that Oji who was on his way from church,had previously tried to take his own life 4 years ago and was only saved by a neighbour.
There are also emerging reports,well by a friend who wanted to remain anonymous actually that the Dr had suffered from seizures cos he was a sickle cell patient.
Apparently he had been depressed for a long time cos of his condition.This was why he tried to take his own life several times.

According to the source,he was nursing a dream to become a consultant.He passed the medical
test,but the authorities at the hospital chose not to make him one because they thought his condition might not be able to handle the stress of the job.His friend thinks this might be what pushed him over the edge.

Now what i am going to say next is the disgusting policing that exists in Nigeria and to be frank it really pisses me off.It makes us look so primitive and archaic.It is only in Nigeria that i know where they will go to look for a suspect and arrest everybody in that house if they could not locate the suspect.At times it could be an aged mother or father,even grand parents,they don't care.And they are prepared to hold that person or people for as long as it takes,in jail!!!

Pretty disgusting.You may be wondering where this rant comes from and how it concerns the issue at hand.I will tell you.
The driver who drove Doctor Orji on the day he jumped into the lagoon has been arrested.Okay,arrested may not sound too bad for initial enquiries.But why is the poor guy still being held in detention 3 days later?
There were witnesses who said they saw the deceased jump,nobody pushed him.He got out of the car himself,he has a history of suicide attempts,why would they hold this driver?Did he kill the guy?At the very worst he should have been granted bail and they can summon him anytime they need info.
The late 35 year old asked his driver to park,he wants to urinate,what was the driver supposed to do?Not park or get down and make sure he urinates?The whole thing is ridiculous!

If it had been two friends in the car and the other guy driving was the son of an influential person,would he have been held in jail or detention as we speak?We all know the answer to that.
They have no right to be holding that driver.Everybody in Nigeria seems to know he is innocent except the fools that matter the most.The police.

I hope the government or health sector do more in awareness and create centres that can help depressed people.Depression is a strong thing and there seem to be more and more cases recently of people not being able to cope with life and the problems they have,thereby doing terrible things to their selves.
It could me me or you,your sister or my brother tomorrow.

By Wale Morads for Naija Blog Queen Olofofo
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