Holly Willoughby hacked pictures joins list of leaked celebrities

Holly Willoughby hacked nudes

Television presenter Holly Willoughby leaked photos has joined the list of hacked celebrity pictures.
The trend of invading the privacy of our best loved public figures by exposing their most intimate images continues.I just cannot understand two things.1-why these celebrities keep taking these risque pictures and putting themselves at risk when they know there is a high possibility of them being stolen,hacked or leaked.The 2nd thing that baffles me is why it is taking the authorities so long to find a way of ending this very uncomfortable invasion.
Surely a very steep prison sentence to those guilty will go a long way in curbing this act,won't it?
Among the beauties that have been threatened recently are  Millie Mackintosh, Kylie Jenner, actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Lacey Banghard.It's just gone so crazy now and there is the worry that this is slowly becoming the norm in showbiz circles.

Movie stars Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfriend too have only just recently had their devices remotely hacked and private images leaked on the internet over the weekend.

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