Now Stephanie Otobo says Apsotle Johnson Suleman is innocent as wife speaks

Now Stephanie Otobo says Apsotle Johnson Suleman is innocent as wife speaks

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The video sex scandal between Canada based Stephanie Otobo and Apsotle Johnson Suleman continues with so many twists and turns.The latest news is that the girl accusing the pastor has now retracted her statement as well as a video put out by the wife of Suleman denying that her husband is guilty of the accusations.
I don't know how legit or credible the retracting statement of the Canadian based girl is,but here is what it said below...
"I'm still in shock on the sudden media propaganda being championed by Sahara Reporters. I have no business with Festus Keyamo. The N500m claims is such a huge sum to come about. I'm from a broken home and my separated parents can never dream of pulling just 1% of such an amount in a very long

While refuting the allegations made against the Apostle by Festus Keyamo on her behalf, she also called on Nigerians of goodwill to discard the earlier media propaganda by Sahara Reporters and consider same as totally false and untrue.

"Yes, I had an encounter with some officers of the Nigeria Police few days back, but I don't remember making any such ambiguous claims against a reputable man of God....

Let the man of God alone please.

The wife Lizzy....
I read the so called press release and its the most bogus and laughable thing ever.

Personally this is no surprise to me.This was in the cards.They have bullied this girl and forced her to retract her statement.They charged her to court for terrorism..terrorism!!!! Isn't that a joke?Even the fake pastor who was inciting people to kill was not charged for terrorism.

Now if you are charged like that in 9ja,and they are telling u behind the scenes you are going to jail.Wouldn't you as a young lady do whatever they ask of you to avoid jail??

That girl was on video telling the world about her and the apostle.And now suddenly shes retracting?Denying everything??

People keep saying the video chat pics are photoshopped.So what exactly was photoshopped?Are they saying that pic is not of Suleman?If it is,where was it taken?He certainly was not in church or in the streets...he was lying did they get the pic...???

The girl may retract as much as she likes..but this man is as guilty as King David in the bible who killed another man to sleep with his wife!

Now,the wife of the so called man of God his wife of 19 years Lizzy has released a video speaking in defense of her husband. According to her, the leaked photos are fake, saying she knows her husband very well and he has never been an adulterous man. According to Dr Lizzy, her marriage is the main target, and her husband's allegations are politically motivated. 
I guess she has to say that to her self in delusion.Why don't they tell us where those pictures that were allegedly photoshopped came from?Whne a pic is photoshopped,it has a source,let them show us the source and we can see how it was manipulated or photoshopped.
Watch the video after the cut...

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