Tboss big brother shame on the Nigerian National Anthem

The inability of Tboss on Big Brother Nigeria to recite the Nigerian National Anthem on Wednesday has generated mixed reactions.
It shows the state of things and how the average Nigerian feels about the country presently when most of them can't even recite the No 1 lines in the country.
As the housemates in the on-going Big Brother Naija show lounged around, Debie-rise asked Tboss to sing Nigeria’s national anthem, but she failed to get past the first few lines of
the song to the amusement of other contestants.
Although Tboss herself laughed off the incident, she confronted Debie-rise later when they were both alone and claimed she set her up. Tboss also said that her chances of winning the grand prize of N25million has reduced because of the incident.
However, the incident did not go down well with Nigerians, who took to social media to blast the tattooed mixed-race contestant, who they described as “manipulative”.
Some members of her supporters who called themselves ‘Boss Nation’, even threatened to suspend voting for her to win.

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