The Best Talents Are still Found In The Church

The Best Talents Are still Found In The Church

How many times have we heard about singers starting out from the church?Too many times to count i'm sure you will agree.From Whitney Houston to Usher, Katy Perry and even our own Simi, most of the best talents in the world started their careers in the church and if all the talents on display at the season 7 premiere of the God’s Children Great Talent show is anything to go by, then it’s safe to say that the best talents in the world are found in the church.

The show debuted on 7 Major TV stations including NTA, EbonyLife, OH TV, Dove TV, Silverbird TV, Hip TV and Wazobia Max, and saw over 6,000 youngsters from across the country show up for auditions.

There were acrobatic dancers, spoken word poets, singers, comedians and instrumentalists ranging from age 5 to 20 displaying a mastery of skills way above their years to the delight of the scouts and everyone watching.

As with every other talent show, especially one with a star prize of 10 million Naira, a brand new car and a management deal worth 250 million Naira at stake, it’s to be expected that every Dick, Tom and Harry – talented and not so much – will show up for the auditions but surprisingly, the GCGT saw a turnout of mostly exceptionally talented youngsters making the selection process a little tough for the scouts.

Great talents are found everywhere in the world no doubt, but the amount of talents that abound in the church, as shown on GCGT, is still unrivalled. We can’t wait to see more of these talents uncovered in the coming weeks!

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