Shocking Chris Cornell cause of death revealed as suicide

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It was really shocking for me to learn Chris Cornell cause of death was as a result of him hanging himself.That is just so hard for me to imagine,it shows that when we look at other peoples life and it seems all rosy, it may not quite be as rosy as you think.I can't even begin to imagine what his poor family must be going through right now.
US officials have confirmed that he did die as a result of suicide by hanging.
The 52, was found dead after performing in a concert with his band, Soundgarden, in Detroit on Wednesday evening.
In an earlier statement, Cornell's representative Brian Bumbery had said his death was "sudden and unexpected".
It also said the family would be working closely with the medical examiner and asked for privacy.
"He was found on the bathroom floor, our medical unit were called and he was pronounced dead on scene," a spokesperson said.
"A family friend went to go check on him and observed him on the bathroom floor. The body was transferred to the medical examiner's office."

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