Aussie Rolf Harris freed from prison but could be heading back in new trial

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So Rolf Harris will be released from prison on Friday.It is still hard for me to believe this seemably sweet old man that i grew up with singing his 2 little boys song actually did all the terrible things he did.Just shows you never know what is behind a smile.The disgraced Australian is due to appear in person at his indecent assault trial next week, a jury has been told.
Mr Harris, from Bray, Berkshire, is being tried at Southwark Crown Court on four counts of
indecent assault against three teenagers between 1971 and 1983.
The judge said Mr Harris, who denies all charges, will be granted bail.
Jurors have already been told Mr Harris, 87, was convicted and sentenced following a trial in 2014.
Mr Harris had been attending his trial via video link.
Who would have forseen this man ending his moonlight years in such a way?At a time when he should be basking in the warmth of his great grand children.Very sad,i hope this is a lesson to any one out there who cannot keep their untowards thoughts in check.If you even find your self in the slightest having these thoughts,get help fast,it's not worth it.It always ends badly.
During the trial on Thursday, jurors heard one of the entertainer's alleged victims deny that she "fabricated" evidence against Mr Harris.
Earlier defence lawyer Stephen Vullo had accused one of the alleged victims of jumping on the "compensation bandwagon".
But when asked by prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC, she said: "I absolutely have not.
"One of the reasons perhaps it was easier for me to tell police is because I had told people over the years."
She added that whenever she saw the former Animal Hospital presenter on TV, she would tell people "he's a pervert".
I can't even repeat things he is facing charges for here,except tell you that it involved a 14 and 16 year old girl.Really disgusting.

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