How Moji Olaiya met her shocking death after new baby and a biography

How Moji Olaiya met her shocking death after new baby and a biography

The death of Moji Olaiya the actress who only just had a new baby, and daughter of veteran musician Victor Olaiya has turned fans and many Nigerians into disbelieved mourners.She was so young as well.Only 42 years old.

Moji's death really showed how feeble this life is and how you can be here today and gone tomorrow.

Less than 24 hours before her death,she had placed a message on instagram,thanking Allah for life and saying she will praise and worship him forever,all smiling and beaming in a picture that accompanied the message.

Now who among the thousands who saw that picture would have dreamt she would be gone in less

than 24 hours?I'm afraid ,that is life.

It is so sad.She only just gave birth to a daughter in March in Canada,the country where she died of a heart seizure after her blood pressure apparent went through the roof.

According to family members,she was said to have collapsed in the middle of the night and was rushed to the hospital,it was also said that she gave up the ghost in the ambulance but i don't believe that cos a picture has emerged of her in hospital after the collapse.

Somebody who obviously was a trusted friend of hers must have taken that picture and posted it online.

Why would anybody do that? What is wrong with our people?Haven't we got any sense of dignity left?Why would you want to post a picture of someone you were close to with tubes,wires and everything  looking terrible? 

Did this wicked and selfish person think for a second how her family and daughter will feel seeing that picture posted everywhere?Hmmm...We will all die sha...

Who is going to look after that poor baby now?Or her elder daughter who is 20 years old and had to be restrained at school when the news was broken to her.

So sad.

image result for moji olaiya burial
Moji Olaiya Funeral.

image result for moji olaiya baby daughter
Moji's baby who she had before her death.

Her last picture she posted on instagram.

It really has been a bad time in Yoruba Nollywood.Olumide Bakare died only about 4 weeks ago,then another veteran actor,Adesina Adesanya, popularly known as 'Pastor Ajidara' followed suit,and now Moji....

Really leaves you speechless.We pray that there will be no more passing of the young and we all shall leave long to enjoy the fruits of our labour and children of our children.

Here is a short biography of the life of the deceased.

The 42 year old actress began her acting career with Wale Adenuga Production (WAP), starring in the popular family TV drama series, Super Story, where she played the role of Ireti in “No Pains, No Gains”. She also starred in other movies such as: “Agunbaniro”, “Sade Blade” , “Nkan Adun’’ and “Omo iya meta leyi”. She received awards for her diligence in Nigeria and abroad. She was nominated as the Best Supporting Actress of the Year 2003 for the Reel Award. She also won the Best New Actress award and she said then that such awards were always motivating her to put in her best in any roles assigned her during movie productions.
May her soul rest in peace....Amen

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