14yr old Girl kills another with a gun over a Boy!

14yr old Girl kills another with a gun over a Boy!

14 yr old Endia Martin..killed over a boy.very sad...
14 year old Endia Martin (pictured above) was killed on Monday April 28th by another 14 year old girl after they argued on Facebook about a boy. Is this what 14 year olds should be doing? Fighting over boys and killing each other? My goodness!

I have a 14 year old daughter so when i saw this news,i was terrified..sent a shiver down my spine! 14 year old's killing each other for a boy? Still can't believe it..these kids should still be playing with their dolls and make believe toys! And to make matters worse, it was adults who encouraged the killing..very sad..read the report to see what happened.

According to Chicago Times, the handgun used to kill Endia Martin had been brought to the scene by someone who knew the suspect and knew 'there was going to be a fight'

Chicago police said
"What would have been, under any other circumstance, probably a fistfight between 14-year-old girls, because they were fighting over a boy, turned into a murder. You introduce a firearm and you have a murder." The police said
Endia was walking home from school when the other girl approached, pulled the gun and opened fire around 4:30 p.m on Monday in West Garfield Boulevard, Chicago, according to police. Endia was hit in the back and killed instantly.

The 14 year old girl has been charged as a juvenile with murder, while her 24-year-old uncle and a 17-year-old boy are also facing charges. The two are being held for giving the gun to the killer.
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