Jay Z siblings names and pictures as well as mother and father.

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Did you know Jay Z siblings consists of 2 sisters and a brother?Do you know what his mother and father looks like?We reveal all here in this post for you.
The mother and family of the rap superstar became relevant again especially after his latest release where he rapped about his mum being a lesbian and what his family will inherit from him when he dies.
Before now,his sisters and brothers have hardly been seen in public with the star or photographed together.
There has been a couple of pictures with his mother but none of his father.But looking at the man
below,Frank Marshall Davis,wouldn't you have bet a million bucks that he was Jay Z's father?
He is not though,his own father is named Adnes Reeves,while his mom is Gloria Carter.She is seen with her son below...
 His brother meanwhile is called Eric and his sisters are Andrea and Michelle.
Jay Z's sisters Andrea and Michelle.
with brother Eric.

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