The fuss behind Beyonce twins names,Sir Carter and Rumi and how she kept birth quiet

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If you haven't heard of the Beyonce twins or their names of Sir Carter and Rumi by now,you surely must have been living under a rock somewhere that might not necessarily be planet earth.When the superstar and wife of Jay Z announced the birth which was one month late,it had over 2million likes and over 100,000 comments in less than 2 hours on instagram!
That really is incredible.It just shows the power this woman has and her likability.
But for me and millions,that's not the only talking point.In this day and age where celebrities can't sneeze without the world knowing about it,how can Beyonce have her twins without their being official confirmation and the world knowing about it?

Sure there were rumours here and there in June that she gave birth,but no one knew for sure and could tell when this exactly happened.
The rumour was that the kids were born premature and so had to be kept in hospital.But at the end of it all,the queen did things just as she always dies,her way! She took full control by being the one to make the official announcements in her own time and releasing the pictures when she wanted to.
Imagine if someone had managed to get that exclusive?

Now those names.Is the name Sir actually gonna be included in Carter's birth certificate?These names are getting crazier by the day.And there was me worrying about wanting to name my child Music,lol.
We don't know yet where that name and Rumi came for or their inspiration.But you can bet your bottom dollar that just as the queen chose to announce their arrival and show their pictures at her own chosen time,we surely will know all bout those names at her chosen time too..
Meanwhile,let me go listen to some Destiny's child...

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