Is Kylie Jenner getting pregnant with Travis Scott baby a business move?

Is Kylie Jenner getting pregnant with Travis Scott baby a business move?

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The headlines screamed Kylie Jenner pregnant with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott baby!
But this was more than just having a baby.A lot o people showed their displeasure on social media saying the 20 year old junior sister of Kim Kardashian was too young to be a mother.The boyfriend also is only 25 they said.These were babies having babies.They hardly know each other.
But much as this may be true,nobody knows who will be a good mother or parent except the people themselves.We have seen much older people become parents and suck at being parents.

But i can see where all this is coming from,it looks all rather show bizzy.There have also been suggestions that this is a career move.Kylie is the direct rival to her big sis Kim.Kim has a couple of children with another rapper,Kanye West.So it looks like little sister is following a template.
This is what happens when you have people who have no talent or substance,suddenly being thrust into the limelight and made stars and household names.
They resort to trivial things like these to stay relevant.
It then becomes what is she wearing today?How much skin is she showing?Who is she sleeping with and who is she getting married to?

The having a baby is the ultimate ending.You can be sure that there will be spin offs,baby reality shows,pregnancy shows and more.
The rapper definitely has set himself up for life,cos he will be forever associated with the Kardashian Klan and all the spin off moneymakers that come with it.

But i say good luck to them.Life is too short,whatever what works for you.I just hope that child,when she arrives,will be loved and catered for and not looked at as the next fashion accessory and money maker for Kylie and Travis.
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