After Rich Piana steroids overdose,i ask is it really worth it?

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Rich Piana cause of death.After the death of body builder Rich Piana from a steroids overdose,it's time we took a serious look at this problem.The American celebrity body builder had been in a coma for about a week after collapsing in the bathroom while having his hair cut by his girl friend Chanel Jansen.
Piana death cause according to earlier police reports is bound to come out as a steroids overdose.They found over 10 bottles by his side as well as a white substance powder.

He had openly admitted many times and
talked about his steroids use,but that is no news or honest revelation,i mean,it's like Mick Jagger admitting he likes younger women and blondes.
But i will never understand why these guys are really to risk their lives at such a young age,all for what? A high? Vanity?Rich was only 46.Still a baby that was just supposed to start enjoying his life.
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When you look at the size of the man,it is scary.You would have thought after being lucky enough to have survived all that abuse,he would cut down and leave all that behind.But i guess,it's like you have created a monster that you have to constantly feed.
He got his fame due to his size,he must have been scared of going back to being a nobody if he lets all that go.
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So like an addiction,it's hard to get off the train.He did say in quite a few interviews that he knows the dangers of steroids and he takes it sensibly,but you cannot be that size and really think all that junk in your body can be controlled.Your heart get more enlarged each time and a heart attack is inevitably round the corner.
What makes it even sadder is that Piana is a nice guy,a very likable man.The world of bodybuilding has come out enmasse to celebrate and mourn him.
Social media is filled with messages and his over 1 million subscribers on instagram have been in pieces.
But as we speak about the death of the bodybuilder,there is a young boy somewhere now pumping that junk into his veins...It hardly has a good ending..very few have been lucky.
RIP big man....

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