All you need to know about Inika Mcpherson,husband,tattoos and girlfriend Regina George

inika mcpherson face tattoo

While watching the 2017 world athletics championships,American,Inika McPherson and her face tattoos totally stopped me dead in my tracks!Pun intended.I am sure people all over the world had the same experience seeing her for the first time.I had never seen this lady before.

And the make up she had on her face was scary,i had never seen nothing like this before on an athletic field.
To say Inika is very unique is an understatement.I was very intrigued by the lady and quickly decided to google who is Inika McPherson?
So here are a few things i found out...
She has over 30 tattoos all over her body and face.She was born in the state of Texas in the USA on 29th of September 1986.

inika mcpherson tattoos

Her sport is the high jump and she was the US indoor champion in the years 2013 and 2014.
She also holds the record of having cleared the highest height of 6ft 6 inches among her own height range.She is 5 foot 4 inches tall.
She served a 21 month doping ban from 2014 to 2016 when she was found guilty of testing positive for cocaine.Though she claimed it was a little amount found in her system and that it was not for performance enhancement.
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On a personal level,fans have been trying to find out who Inika's husband is,there was never a husband but she was involved in a public relationship with Nigerian athlete Regina George.
Now that i know a bit about this striking high jumper,i will look out more for her in the future,still can't believe i had never known of her till now.

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