The new English league cup name Carabao is surely taking the mickey!

The new English league cup name Carabao is surely taking the mickey!

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I was baffled when i came across the name the Carabao cup.It sounded like something from a Karaoke session away on holiday somewhere in South America or the Caribbeans.But i noticed there was something bout Aston Villa.So my curiosity quickly got the better of me and i clicked on the story.
Imagine my surprise when i discovered it was the English football league cup and it's name had yet been changed again for the upteenth time!
When i was younger in the 70s and 80s,the league cup was a prestigious cup that was keenly
contested for.But in the late 90s,no thanks to Alex Ferguson and later Arsene Wenger,the cup lost a bit of its magic as these two men played their weakened teams.
But recently the cup had found its Mojo again with all the top clubs fighting for it and playing strong teams.
But things such like this won't help and never helped in the past as well with the name being changed every two weeks! The latest name in my opinion sounds like the worst one.What the hell is the carabao cup?It really sounds like a joke.
The league cup has been sponsored 7 different times,and each time getting a new label.In case you have forgotten or would like to go down memory lane,those names were:

1) Milk Cup, 1982-1986

2) Littlewoods Challenge Cup, 1986-1990

3) Rumbelows Cup, 1990-1992

4) Coca-Cola Cup, 1992-1998

5) Worthington Cup, 1998-2003

6) Carling Cup, 2003-2012

7) Capital One Cup, 2012-2016

capital one
It was tiring getting through all these names.I understand that they need money to finance the game and the sport.But they have to find a compromise,it's getting ridiculous putting up with all these names,and this new one in particular takes the biscuit.But i have to be careful,cos the next competition may very well be called the biscuit cup.

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