Vivian Fowler and Caleb ex student Lizzy rescued from drugs

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Vivian Fowler and Caleb international school ex student Lizzy has been trending in Nigeria over her rescue from drugs by Pastor Tony Rapu.
The girl's story has shocked many Nigerians who wondered how a girl who obviously came from a well to do family to have been able to attend those schools has ended up as a drug addict.But that in part shows how naive we all are.
It is a known fact that many kids who came from affluent homes ended up on the wrong side of town due to the people they hang with.Where there is money,there always will be fast life and temptation.
Lizzy told her story how an ex boyfriend was lacing her weed with cocaine and heroin without her knowledge.

She then became addicted and this led her deep into the shady night life where you live rough and sell your body to survive and buy drugs.
It is so sad,this girl judging by the way she speaks and her background could have become anything in life.Instead some wicked guy changed her life and fortune.
Here is a video of Lizzy below..Recounting how her life took a turn for the worse.

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