Sadness of Nigeria having lowest age of consent in the world!

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That the lowest age of consent in the world is found in my country Nigeria,has left me very traumatised! To say i am shocked is an understatement.How can anyone expect an 11 year old girl to be old enough to agree to being intimate with anyone?And i think i know very well where this has come from.It is strictly to do with religion.I will live you to add 2 and 2 and figure out the answer.
I spent most of my formative years in Nigeria.I left when i was 18 years old,and for some strange reasons i have always thought the the age of consent was 18.
So you can imagine my shock when i heard a conversation on a tv show saying we had the lowest age of consent.I figured they must be wrong,they made a mistake.How can anyone approve 11 as being old enough to take such a strong decision that will affect their life and health?
But alas,i went online and researched,not only did it confirm it,but it also said we held this disgusting record as the No 1 in the whole wide world!

I have read of many cases in Nigeria where these kids get pregnant and die while trying to give birth,cos their bodies were just not mature enough to cope with the stress of child bearing.
Not only this,they also suffer from another effect of being abused so young(yes,it is abuse).
It is not uncommon for them to have terrible tears both back and front which plagues them for life.Some die as a result.
This is one of the saddest things i have ever written and when i think of my 3 daughters,i can't imagine no dirty old p#rvert laying their hands on them.
I will gladly do time as a result of this.You protect your kids don't you?
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We have many women in the Nigerian senate and house of reps..What are they doing?Why haven't they raised hell about this?Why have some men,i say some cos most of them don't care about the nation anyway,they just wanna steal money from the coffers,so as i was saying,why haven't a few of the credible men in the house of reps and senate also not kicked a fuss about this and change the laws?
All these men have little daughters and you bet they will probably kill a guy they find messing with them,yet they look the other way at this.
Don't be surprised if most don't even know the age anyway.
I am gonna do all i can in my own little way to make sure that this disgusting law is changed.
Funny thing is you cannot vote till you are 18,you can't drink legally till you are 18,you can't drive till you are 18,but you can legally have s#x and have babies at 11?
I am just dumbfounded..It is a sad day for me and should be a sad day for Nigerians and Africans all over the world!

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