Buhari corona virus cuba flag controversy

President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari has been accused by some,of addressing its citizens from Cuba.
The bone of contention seems to be the flag that accompanied the Nigerian flag on
Nigerians voiced their suspicions on social media sayinh the flag they saw on television while he was giving his speech,was the Cuban flag,and that the preisdent of Nigeria who had been rumoured to have tested positive for corona virus was making his broadcast from the South American country where he was rumoured to have flown to for treatment.

But wouldn't the easiest thing to do be to simply google what the flag of Cuba looks like?Why are people so lazy now adays to make simple clarification of things and would rather peddle stupid rumours?
What is the flag behind buhari displayed along with the Nigerian flag when he addressed corona virus issue

Bashir Ahmad,the personal assistant to Buhari,was compelled to come on twitter to mock them.But Tolu Ogunlesi who is the special assistant to the president on new digital media,actually explain what the flag was all about.
He explained it symbolizes his office and position as the chief of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria.
So Sai Baba is in Naija.

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