Abba kyari chief of staff burial controversy

Abba kyari chief of staff burial controversy

Nigeria and buhari chief of staff Abba kyari burial pictures

Abba Kyari burial has caused a controversy amongst Nigerians.The root of this is because the dead chief of staff was not cremated as directed of people who died of corona virus.
Also his burial clearly showed more than 50 people closely gathered and not observing any social distancing as directed.
This has led to Nigerians saying there is one law for the high and mighty and another for
the common man.

Another talking point was why at all he should have been buried in a shallow grave,when a heavy rain fall could help in spreading the virus.
Currently,there is a trending harsh tag on twitter which says, #AbbaKyariShouldBeCrematedLikeOthers,
Which reads Abba Kyari should be cremated like others.
The government is yet to react or give an explanation to these developments.
Abba kyari burial pictured

Abba kyari burial in abuja

Chief of staff Abba kyari burial

Nigeria chief of staff to president Abba kyari burial

Abba kyari burial saturday 17th april
Reactions to Abba kyari burial

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Nigerians protest about Abba kyari burial

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