How old is Abba Kyari dead chief of staff Nigeria

How old is Abba Kyari dead chief of staff Nigeria

Mallam abba kyari dead chief of staff of Nigeria and president buhari

Abba Kyari age has dominated the death of the chief of staff of president Muhammadu Buhari and Nigeria.
For a while the details were missing, but we can now tell you that the Mallam was 81 years oldhe was birn 17th of November 1938 and died 17th April 2020.
He was married to one wife and had 4
Death of the Chief of Staff:

The Mallam had allegedly contacted the virus at a meeting he had out of the country to discuss the state of failing electricity in Nigeria, it was also speculated that he might have contacted it from welcoming Atiku's son into the county. As Atiku's son was one of the first to be named positive carriers of the virus in Nigeria.

He'd allegedly been flown out of the country to be treated but his immune systems failed him as the virus kills older people faster as their immune systems are not as strong. Abba Kyari was responsible for the freedom of Sowore, he also warned everyone to go though airport checks so as to curb the virus.

Kyari was laid to rest at Gudu Cemetery today on 18th of April, 2020 we can only pray God comforts his family.

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