Rashida Jones husband,parents,Tupac,biography.

Rashida Jones husband,parents,Tupac,biography.

Rashida jones biography,dad,husband ,son

Interesting facts about Rashida Jones.Her parents are superstar legendary music producer,Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton.
She is from a biracial backhround, mom is Jewish and her dad is black, and she was raised in Reform Judaism.
She celebrates her Jewish background by always marking the Jewish holidays. “We always celebrated the High Holidays. I did fast in high school for Yom Kippur and attend services. We always went to seder for Passover. I really liked the cultural and
the familial side of Judaism. It was always the most comfortable place for me, making time for family and community.”
She faniusly had a public spat with 2pac when he said some nasty things aboyt dad Quincy.
Tupac had remarked about her dad :“All he does is stick his d*ck in white b*tches and make f**ked up kids.”
Rashida was only 17 at the time,butbshe wrote a stinging public letter to him,telling him he should be grateful for the sacrifice people like his father made for him to get where he was.
See the letter in full below..
Rashida jones letter to tupac 2pac shakur

In a crazy twist of event,2pac made up with Quincy and ended up dating her elder sister Kidada.He was actually engaged to her when he was killed.
She went to Harvard University, where she studied religion and philosophy. 
She never wanted to be an actress. “In elementary and high school, I never considered acting as a profession. I wanted to be president, or a judge, or a lawyer.
She has a son named Isaiah Jones Koenig .
She hws musical talents and sang back up for Maroon 5 (led by NJB Adam Levine) on their first album, Songs for Jane. (She’s credited on tracks 5, 9, and 11.)
Rashida jones husband

Rashida jones dad parents

She has been in a bunch of music videos, including Aaliyah’s “More Than a Woman,” Drake’s “Nice for What,” Beastie Boys’ “Make Some Noise,” and Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “Family Feud.” She also directed the music video for Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave.” (As she told NPR, she’s a “music nerd.”)
She directed an incredible Netflix documentary about her dad Quincy Jones (titled Quincy) in 2018.
After Parks & Rec, she starred in her own sitcom: Angie Tribeca, a police procedural.
No,Rashida does not have a husband,so she's not married.Butbshe has been going out with Ezra Koenig since 2016 and they are reported to be engaged.They also have a son together.

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