Ruth Matete facing jail over husband's death

Ruth Matete facing jail over husband's death

Ruth Matete questioned by police in husbands death

Ruth Matete has been questioned by the police after she was accused of  killing her Nigerian husband,John Apewajoye.The Kenyan gospel singer had announced that he died from injuries he sustained from a gas explosion accident at their home earlier this month. 

Daily Nation reported that the 2012 Tusker Project Fame star,recorded a statement with detectives over the death of hubby Apewajoye
on Thursday April 16.

Pastor Apewajoye died on April 11, two weeks after he suffered burn wounds sustained at their Great Wall Gardens Estate home in Athi River, Machakos County.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) launched an investigation after one Jesse McJessy who claims to be a friend and manager to the deceased, accused the singer of allegedly having a hand in her husband’s death.

McJessy had accused Matete of being psychotic, adding that she had previously stabbed her husband at least three times. The damning video was accompanied by audio files recording during one of the couple’s alleged nasty fights in which Ruth stabbed her husband and he retaliated.

He said in a viral video; 

"BelovedJohn's marriage was never rosy. Ruth Matete you can tell the whole world the truth. You were very violent, you have stabbed him not once, not twice, not thrice.
"The last time you tried to kill Belovedjohn, I was there in Athi River in Greatwall Gardens. You guys had a fight and you almost killed him."

McJessy also revealed that Matete did not inform BelovedJohn’s family in Nigeria about the explosion and neither did she give accurate information about her status in the hospital.

Following the mixed reactions the video elicited, Ms Matete was summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers. 

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The two months pregnant gospel singer led detectives, forensic officers, Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority officials and her family lawyer, Mr Robert Odanga, to her house where samples were collected including the gas cylinder that reportedly exploded, leaving Apewajoye with serious injuries.

Here is the video below; 

@DCI_Kenya cops have carried Ruth Matete’s small Meko. All along I thought it was the big gas cylinder, which would have kinda made some sense with that long cock & bull Itumbi-esque story she wrote. This one needs to face the full force of the law!

Recalling how the incident occurred in her statement, Ms Matete said her husband who was only wearing a pair of trousers thought the cylinder was overfull and tried to release some gas. His upper body was burnt following an explosion that occurred on March 30 at around 5pm, after a failed attempt to light up their 6kg gas cylinder after a refill.  

She said;

“Immediately after, he tried to light the gas and that is when it exploded. I ran into the bedroom to get a duvet to cover him and put out the flames while screaming for help, which attracted the attention of our neighbours."

She said they managed to take him to Shallom Hospital, where he stayed briefly before he was transferred to Bellevue South Hospital and admitted to the high dependency unit.

Did Ruth Matete kill Nigerian husband

On April 5, he developed complications and was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital, where a nurse questioned Bellevue’s decision to admit a burns patient for a week knowing well that the hospital did not have a burns unit. In her statement, KNH said her husband had not been receiving enough water at Bellevue Hospital which led to his kidney failure.

Matete added;

“They also failed to take care of his wound so it became septic."

Mr BelovedJohn died on April 11 at 8.30pm and according to Matete's lawyer Mr Odanga,  a post-mortem will be done after approval from the Nigerian Embassy.

“The embassy is still holding the body at KNH mortuary after a video was released by one of its citizen’s questioning the circumstances behind this death. We hope this shall be done soon to clear the air.
“At Bellevue, my client was told that her husband suffered burns amounting to 40 per cent, but at KNH the degree was indicated as 60 per cent. The hospital needs to answer some questions regarding how they handled the deceased.”

Kenyan gospel singer Ruth Matete and Nigerian husband

Odanga also revealed that his client had filed two complaints: one against the gas company and the other against Bellevue South Hospital.

Six witnesses, including first responders, have recorded their statements with the DCI.
It is clear that there are many questions still left unanswered in this investigation.We shall keep you posted.
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