Alaafin of Oyo Adeyemi and his wives,palace,twins,cars,biography

Alaafin of Oyo Adeyemi and his wives,palace,twins,cars,biography

Alaafin oyo adeyemi and his wives

Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, the Alaafin of Oyo state was born 15 October 1938, the traditional ruler of the Yoruba town of Oyo ascended the throne on the 18th of November 1970 and is still ruling till this present day. He has been on the throne for 50 years.

The Alaafin whose father Oba Adeniran Adeyemi II was deposed and exiled in 1954 for sympathizing with the NCNC (National Council of Nigerian Citizens). He had
allegedly come into conflict with the deputy leader of the Action Group, Bode Thomas.
Inside the palace of alaafin of oyo oba adeyemi

Alaafin of oyo palace

Oba Lamidi Adeyemi succeeded Alaafin Gbadegesin Ladigbolu II in 1970, during the governship of Colonel Robert Adeyinka Adebayo, after the end of the Nigerian civil war. Oba Adeyemi was the chancellor of Uthman Dan Fodiyo University in Sokoto from 1980 to 1992. In the year 1990 President Ibrahim Babangida appointed him Amir-ul-Hajj in recognition of his commitment to the consolidation of Islam in Nigeria.
Alaafin of oyo twins

Alaafin of oyo and his twins

Alaafin of oyo and his wives make a public entrance

The Oba is married to Ayaba Abibat Adeyemi, his senior wife. He also has twelve junior wives that he's also married to. Two of which in 2019 each birthed twins for him, when the Oba was 81.
Alaafin of oyo cars

Alaafin of oyo cars collection
His cars

The Alaafin is also a lover of boxing as he was a boxer before ascending the throne of his father.
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