Amokachi reveals he slept at Joshua's church for weeks

Amokachi reveals he slept at Joshua's church for weeks

daniel amokachi and tb joshua,amokachi reveals he slept at TB Joshua church for weeks but got no miracle cure for his injury

Daniel Amokachi says he got no miracle cure at Prophet TB Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations,despite sleeping there for weeks! Is anyone surprised about this?When are they going to wake up and see that all these so called men of God are fake?They are nothing but charlatans who find ways to take and swindle every penny they can from you!

The footballer who revealed this in an interview with Brila FM, said he was searching for
healing at that time as he suffered a protracted knee injury ahead of the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

Here's what he said; 

 “I was at the church on invitation of a friend who is a member. My friend, at that time, told me about the man of God and that I could meet my miracle if I met with the Pastor.
“At first, I wasn’t giving to it, but I later agreed and flew down to Nigeria from England to see the Pastor.
“I slept by the church’s altar for several weeks to receive healing. I was not healed, but I saw lots of miracles that happened to people.”
He is just being nice here,there is no miracle you can see or experience than the one you experience yourself.After God knows how much has been exchanged,you now tell me,sorry your miracle can't be done,but you can see i have done others...What kind of nonsense is that? Then kindly give me back my money!
I can't really blame Amokachi too much for going to Joshua.When you are desperate,you do desperate things,he had a bad injury,he was looking at the end of his career with millions of pounds lost.If you are getting no joy from medical science,and somebody you trust comes to you and says,hey,i know someone who can do this,you have to give it a try,which is exactly what happened.
Don't be surprised if the person who took Amokachi to the church was in on the deal.People do anything for money.
 have even heard stories of those who swindle their sons and daughters.
Anyway,for the rest of you,i hope you learn from this.

Amokachi's football career ended after he left Turkish side Be?ikta? in 1999. He failed a medical test after signing with 1860 Munich and the contract was cancelled.

The 47-year-old former forward had an exciting international career as he was a member of the Nigeria squad at the 1994 and 1998 FIFA World Cups, and also won the 1994 African Cup of Nations. He was also a member of the Atlanta 1996 Olympic gold winners.
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