How twin sisters died of coronavirus in Uk

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Twin sisters die of coronavirus is one of the saddest headlines ever in the fight against Covid 19.Emma Davis, 37, also a former nurse, died at Southampton General Hospital on Friday, just three days after the death of identical twin Katy, who worked as a paediatric nurse at the same hospital.
I can't just begin to imagine what that poor family must be going through.It's the most dreadful thing ever.Losing one is terrible,but to lose another in a matter of days??? How
much can one take?
Her death occurred hours after posting a tribute to her late twin sister.
Their sister Zoe confirmed the deaths as she revealed the twins were unwell and suffering from underlying health conditions for a while.
'They always said they had come into the world together and would go out together as well,' she told the BBC. There are no words to describe how special they were.'
how twin sisters died of corona virus ,emma davis and katy davis twin sisters die of corona virus,
Katy's colleagues at Southampton Children's Hospital, where she worked as the child health risk and patient safety lead, have now paid tribute to her.
Paediatrician Kate Pryde said to BBC: 'Katy was so passionate about reducing harm and putting our patients first. I had my eye-shadow on for her this evening.. Rest easy Katy.'
Paediatric senior Sarah Chittock said: 'Dearest Katy, what an inspirational nurse and young lady. Would go out of her way to help others.
'Katy always wore a smile and the most wonderful sparkly eye shadow. Your memory will continue to sparkle in the children's hospital.'

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