Asabi a Nigerian(Yoruba poem)

Asabi a Nigerian(Yoruba poem)

A yoruba nigerian poem

Asabi Okin, the selected daughter of the gods,
Strong and smart, beautiful and edgy.
But a neglected child of her parents,
Living like a mistake that could have been avoided.

I remember when her mother knew she had
taken in,
She wept for joy as she proclaimed around, “A o pe mi loruko titun."
And her father puffed out his chest proudly,
“I am a man, ọkunrin mẹta ati abo" He gallivanted about.

Like all Asabis, she wasn't born under normal circumstances.
It was a moonless night when the water broke.
The stars however seemed aligned in one direction,
In anticipation of the birth of Orisha Àjé's beloved.

“Ayo abara tin tin. It's a girl", the midwife announced.
Smiles turned sour and lines ran across faces.
All that could be heard was the cry of a baby girl,
“A sa ti bi eyi na", And so they named her.

Unlike Abike, she wasn't to be treasured at birth
Or Ariyike, one to be loved at sight.
She wasn't an Alabi, to ma fi opin si la-la awon obi re,
Or the Ade that would crown their prayers.

“A sa ti bi eleyi Na, Asabi Okin."
Her mother didn't see the beauty,
Her father didn't see strength
All they saw was a girl child...

*HRM DaPsalmist: Asabi*

A o pe mi loruko titun - I shall be called a new name

ọkunrin mẹta ati abo. 3 and ½ men

Orisha Àjé's Goddess of Wealth

“Ayo abara tin tin.  great joy

“A sa ti bi eyi na",  at least we've given birth to one

Abike_ to be treasured at birth

Ariyike loved on sight

to ma fi opin si la-la awon obi re, that'll end his parent's struggle

Ade crown

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