Who is a poet?

Who is a poet?

Who is a poet? An insight into poetry

A poet is on some days a lover,
He weaves tales with words that caress your skin and steals your soul.
She breathes passion into words that have you reaching that peak,
The peak your imaginations alone cannot
give to you.
A poet is the word.

A poet is on some days,
A doctor healing souls with stories.
Poems that may be just that: words but you'll listen.
You can relate to a poet telling you that the sky is on some days blue but,
You can only see the sky from afar, you are not the sun.
A poet tells you things he knows that you should know.

A poet could be the truth,
You'll read her poems and you'll snap your hands because she is telling your story,
Your heart was shattered like a bottle of fresh wine on a gloomy day,
A poet might not have known your story but she writes the stories of a thousand with words so chilling,
Still you ask who is a poet?

A poet is a god
We are the word gods and goddesses breathing life into mere words,
We are the C's and the B's that make creativity beautiful.
We are the ink flowing from the pencil in the hands of the creator.
We captivate, recreate words that have so little meaning and give them a new dimension.
We are...

Adeyinka Oluwademilade

Iam_atty On IG
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