5 things Nigerian women dislike about Nigerian men

5 things Nigerian women dislike about Nigerian men

Nigerian men and relationships with women and why they have a bad reputation

Nigerian men and relationships are legends worldwide,lol.These are five things Naija women dislike about Nigerian men.

Sxual shaming: Nigerian men believe women lose dignity by the count of their
sxual partners and more often than not try to demean women for having any sxual past, while they are allowed to have as much sxual partners as they want without being judged,just because they have this superior mindset that they are men.

Men that brag about sxual conquest: Nigerian women absolutely detest men that kiss and tell but unfortunately this is a habit a lot of Nigerian men exhibit. The moment they have done anything sxual with a woman, they enjoy in discussing it among their friends and making the woman look cheap.

Age limitation: this is not just a Nigerian men thing,but an habit women also exhibit, they feel once you are a certain age without a ring on your finger and the title of Mrs, you are old or expired goods. That needs to stop.

Cooking and cleaning:
A lot of Nigerian men believe the job of chores and cooking comes pre-installed with a vagina and so any woman that isn't ready to cook and clean for them isn't a good woman. Cooking shouldn't be a gender thing, any human that can eat should learn how to cook.

Harassment: This one is common among market men in markets like Yaba, Lagos Island and Oshodi. They always harass women that pass the roads of these market places who refuse to purchase things from them, more often than not profiling them as sluts
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