Nigeria extends coronavirus lockdown by 14 days

Nigeria extends coronavirus lockdown by 14 days

Nigeria extends corona virus lockdowm by 2 weeks

Nigeria coronavirus update,extension of lockdown due to Covid-19 virus.

On 28th of March 2020, the federal government of Nigeria declared a lockdown to aid curbing the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus, Nigerians were told to stay in their homes and practice social distancing so the already increasing numbers wouldn't get
even more alarming.

The government has now extended the proposed 14 days by another 14 days, due to the fact that the number of confirmed Covid-19 patients skyrocketing, Nigerians have been flouting the rules and refusing to stay in their homes which led the government to deploy military official across state to curb movement.

The number of cases in Nigeria is now a whooping 232 cases with 33 discharged patients and a total of 5 deaths, the federal government has begged the citizens of Nigerians to stay put and listen to instructions so they wouldn't have to increase the lockdown and people can go back to their everyday lives.
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