Bad news for Lagosians in coronavirus update

Bad news for Lagosians in coronavirus update

Nigeria coronavirus covid 19 new update today

Nigeria corona virus news update today by NCDC is not a good one,for Lagos especially.86 new cases were reported for the 19th of April and 70 of those were from Lagos!
The most worrying thing is Nigerians are still not taking proper measures from things we see from day to day.
Sadly the government are not helping either
when they give out food publicly and make citizens fight for it.
Why can't they take the food stuff door tp door? What sense does it make when you preach social distancing yet make people fight for food?
Here are some stats for you.Alimosho is looking like a problem.
The Nigerian centre for disease control, has a big job on their hands.

Ncdc corona virus update

Nigeria coronavirus news today covid 19 update

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