Whats the meaning of happy 420 day

Whats the meaning of happy 420 day

What is happy 420 day

Happy 420 day is trending,but what's the meaning?Well,there are two explanations to this legend.
First is,it has been suggested that the police radio code to report someone smoking weed or a weed arrest was 420,so when some people discovered this,they adooted the
term as their signal code to go smoke.
Second explanation is more interesting,it says 5 students at San Rafael school California in 1971,would always get together at 4.20pm to smoke everyday,it soon became a tradition for them and the group named the Waldos began using the numbers as their code for meeting up and smoking.So there you go.
Whats the meaning of happy 420 day and weed day

Whats the meaning of 420

Now,every 20th of April,representing 4 and 20,people would light up and smoke their weed at 4.20pm!
So are you lighting up?

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